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Your destination corporate meeting group has access to the largest hotel boom since the 1930’s. 6,000 rooms opened in New York City in 2015, 6,000 more have been added this year, and thousands more are coming next year. This is double the #2 US city for new hotel development.

Overall, meeting planners have 30,000 more room options here than they did only seven years ago. More importantly, New York City’s hotels have become more diverse in both design and location, while maintaining major luxury elements. We are particularly seeing interest in booking hotels in neighborhoods where attendees can experience local dining and entertainment venues. The city’s top chefs are also seeing this trend, which is why they are attaching themselves as either part of these new properties, or in close proximity to them.

And we are not just talking about areas like the Meatpacking District or even the Lower East Side. We are seeing luxury properties popping up in previously barren areas of Brooklyn, and in two Queens neighborhoods: Greenpoint and Long Island City.

Shackman Associates New York can work with your hotel booking to create distinctive events and activities that are easily accessible to whatever hospitality property meeting planners choose.

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