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Have a Smashing Time at This Destructive Corporate Event

In most cases, the last thing a meeting planner or corporate executive wants is attendees trashing an event venue. We have found an exception.

Your attendees will completely destroy second-hand office furnishings and office equipment with a metal baseball bat, sledgehammer or crowbar at a unique new venue in Midtown Manhattan. They will be serenaded by music that includes Nirvanna's "Smells Like Teen Spirit' and Weezers' "Hash Pipe." And if anyone is loving the wrecking session too much, a clinical psychologist who specializes in trauma and abuse is there too.

This event is ideal for small groups with limits on overall participation and individual smashing sessions. We recommend pairing this idea with another after-hours event that is in close proximity.

If you think this sounds a lot like the movie "Office Space", the venue has a poster on the wall with the three principal characters take out their rage on a fax machine.

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