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How Luxury-Turned Upside-Down Means More Luxury

We are taking the New York City hotel boom to new possibilities that include the concept of bringing in a nightclub leader for breakfast, a craft bar expert for seafood, and a 2016 Tony-Award-winning designer to enhance the guest experience.

Sounds impossible? It's happening right now.

We have found a venue with exactly that, and it features the city's largest rooftop event space with 10,000 square feet and an all-season indoor/outdoor lounge. And we are not talking about random food offerings. The venue's partners include the TAO group and other top chefs. And the views are ridiculous-even including the Empire State Building. Overall, Midtown West is in the middle of a major hotel and event venue boom, and your attendees can leverage this venue's meeting components for product launches, incentive travel, and major after-hours events.

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