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Meeting Breaks: Drink Your Oats!

If you think holding a healthy destination corporate meeting means dumping or compromising coffee stations because of the hyper-processed accessories, think again!

We are seeing a new twist for meeting breaks where oat milk is replacing almond and soy as coffee options. While major retailers like Whole Foods already sell oat milk, meaning some of your attendees might have already tried it, there is a new Swedish version that has been popping up in New York's top coffee houses that foams much better than its competitors. We think it tastes much better than almond and soy, and can be direct-ordered for your meeting group.

The secret behind this new oat milk is liquefying oats in a mix of water and enzymes, which breaks down gluten-free grains without losing any nutritional value. The result is less sugar, processed flavors and unnatural thickeners.

A heartwarming idea for a winter meeting!

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