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Corporate Meeting Lunches: Serve Healthy IN Mason Jar Decor

It's not hard to attend an event and see mason jars being used somewhere, somehow as a decor or centerpiece element.

What if the Mason jars were used on the menu itself? We are seeing a trend where meeting planners can provide their destination corporate meeting attendees with healthy luncheons that use these jars to serve everything from Caprese pasta salads to spinach, radish and quinoa salads. Of course, your menu can get creative by combining anything including spring roll ingredients, ethnic-ingredient-infused meals, and even cold soups.

This kind of lunch idea provides more venue flexibility that could include multiple outdoor spaces. It could also be added after-hours at tastings where the venue does not serve food. Even more sustainably,the jars can be professionally cleaned and recycled after the lunch to create space for custom-designed, meeting-themed farewell gifts. Regardless, your attendees will feel healthier and more stylish than ever!

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