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Event Decor: Crystallize Gala Red Carpet Entrances

Have you noticed there is a "step-and-repeat" at almost every event and venue entrance now? This concept, originally conceived to leverage celebrity appearances and major brand sponsors, has grown so much, it might not be as big a deal anymore.

The burger joint down the street from us just had a step-and-repeat for Cinco de Mayo, so maybe it's time for meeting planners to re-think the concept's overall prestige!

As an alternative, we found a very elegant red carpet decor idea that features crystals hanging from equally elegant bridge-rows that delivers A-list star-appeal your attendees will love without the reality star cache. We think concepts like these work especially well at some of New York's grandest ballroom and event venues that are often located in restored, historic bank buildings.

We also think this will help sponsor programs for destination meetings evolve from the same-old, same-old!

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