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We are now Pandemic Compliance Advisors for Meeting Professionals

On March 15, face-to-face (F2F) meetings and gathering begin to resume in New York City for events of up to 150 people. This is with the proviso that all guests are tested for Covid-19 prior to attending., Owner and President of The Shackman Group, Karen Shackman is spearheading her team’s training for Pandemic Compliance Advisor (PCA) for Meeting Professionals.

The reopening means, that a need to implement new safety protocols has emerged. “To operate F2F meetings responsibly during a pandemic, it is vital that we take action to ensure participants, suppliers, and staff are protected from contracting or spreading COVID-19 during any meeting or event. ” says Karen Shackman.

Going beyond the basics of social distancing, mask-wearing, and frequent hand sanitization, there are myriad considerations in order to cultivate a safe environment in which to gather.

Karen Shackman explains further: “With this special training, The Shackman Group is able to support our clients in the role and responsibilities of the Pandemic Compliance Advisor (PCA) whose duty is to ensure that these safe practices are implemented, communicated, and effectively carried out throughout the entire meeting cycle and will help us to ensure best practices for the safest execution of our client’s F2F meetings”.


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