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The new breed of boutique hotels that are opening this year in Manhattan are featuring some very familiar names behind them.

Most notably, the Marriott brand is opening multiple boutiques, and they are taking on a heavily local theme in design and food and beverage. They are also incorporating elements such as co-working to replace the traditional meeting room. This concept and evocative meeting venues that have opened in hot neighborhoods have become preferred methods of collaboration and creativity for millennial destination corporate meeting attendees.

At Marriott’s upcoming property in Downtown Manhattan, sweet and savory Spanish egg tarts are replacing traditional eggs for breakfast, and imported, freshly sliced Iberico ham and French croissants, fresh fruits, cheeses, muesli, yogurt and Nespresso are the “new coffee and danish” for meeting breaks.

The new boutiques are also featuring layouts that encourage more relaxed networking, and typically have mixologists who create distinctly local flavors in their after-hours drinks.

Finally, this new kind of hotel is helping planners reduce booking costs for smaller groups by transforming property requirements for large-scale rooms.

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