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Corporate Team-Building: Pickleball Arrives in New York

Here's a team-building sport that has been around for 50 years, and if you live in Canada or the Southern U.S., then you might know all about pickleball. We didn't know anything until we found a location in Manhattan's Upper East Side that is bringing this fun game to New York City.

A hybrid of tennis, ping-pong and badminton, pickleball is played on a court about half the size of a tennis court and with a lower net, a wooden paddle and plastic ball. It has its own unique set of rules, and some of the big differences from a game like tennis are that the serve is underhand and you can only score points when serving.

As is also important with other racquet sports, pickleball requires good hand-eye coordination and is more reliant on positioning the ball strategically, rather than overpowering the opponent.

We are hearing pickleball is getting so big, that there are now organized leagues and major tournaments in parts of New England and other locations.

For corporate meeting groups, playing a pickleball tournament is highly social and collaborate and we are excited to see how attendees do with it!

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