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Event Trends: New Hybrid Venue Provides Co-Working Energy With Soho House-Type Luxury

We have found a new event venue in New York City that could be starting an early-stage "luxury co-working vibe" trend for corporate events. You might even say it is a combination of "Co-working 3.0" with the kind of exclusive amenities Manhattan's corporate movers and shakers find at private clubs like the Soho House.

With 140,000 square feet of interdisciplinary event space and a massive 10,000 square-foot rooftop, major players like the TriBeCa Film Festival and Fashion Week are now there. This is more than an event space. Your destination corporate meeting attendees can enjoy private boardrooms for up to 18 people, private dining areas for up to 24 people, and a sunken living room that is ideal to incorporate into your larger event for face-to-face networking.

Your group can take the prestige of a venue like the Soho House to a new level. And it's location is ideal for tech meetings as it is located in the heart of one of the city's hottest incubation neighborhoods for emerging tech companies! It is also ideal for financial meetings that are connected to Downtown Manhattan.

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