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Team-Building Retreat: Head "Out East" to the "Other Fork"

When many of us hear about "heading out East" in Long Island, the first thing that typically comes to mind is the Hamptons. However the island's North Fork is fast-becoming a major global wine and food destination. It's an amazing idea for a day-trip team-building event, especially if your attendees ride bikes!

We recently checked it out, and found red wines that have been served at Presidential Inaugurations and even unique, sometimes "Act of God" twists on popular wines like Pinot Noir and Rose. Your attendees will learn the wine-making process in this unusual climate and sample up to 5 per venue. It also includes opportunities to ride bikes through the vineyard.

We also found two venues that offer incredible dining options throughout the year that can accommodate over 200 attendees. While there are multiple tour companies that operate in the region and do a great job for tourist, we have found a DMC can provide your group more flexibility between tastings and optimize food menus.

Finally, if you are planning a meeting on short-notice, this idea is especially great during the harvest, which usually in late September or October.

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