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Healthy Meetings: Be Among the First in the U.S. to do Fisio Pilates

If your destination corporate meeting group takes advantage of our last two posts about some of the amazing new local meeting break food ideas here in New York City, they will probably thank you even more for a taste of a hot new fitness trend, Fisio Pilates, that will help them quickly shed those calories before returning home!

We have learned that Fisio Pilates is part of a broader, global wellness trend called Colon Hydrotherapy that celebs like Oprah, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Leonardo DiCaprio are all practicing.

We expect the first classes in New York by early 2018.

As you might be aware, Pilates is a system of exercises that target core stability muscles. So if your attendees are sitting for long hours in their chairs at work, their back muscles might become inhibited. That is not a good thing, and according to experts, if those muscles are not re-trained, 80% of people suffer more back pain.

Fisio looks promising as the next level of Pilates.

Shackman Associates New York has integrated multiple wellness activities into corporate meetings that have included private classes at the city's top spin studios, and even Tai Chi in Central Park.

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