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Corporate Galas: Wow "What If" New York Backdrops

Many of us remember the day Sully successfully crash-landed a US Airways jet in the Hudson River and saved every passenger on board. We didn't know until now that Hudson River landings could have been an hourly occurrence if a planned airport with runways over the water had actually been built.

If you think that is crazy, imagine Ellis Island as a futuristic bubble that could have made it into this week's trailer for "Star Wars."

Shackman Associates New York has leveraged and created some amazing backdrops for museum events, but we have never seen anything like what one museum is doing with never-used plans for buildings featuring wild architecture, transportation ideas like skyscrapers for bridges, and a very French twist for Central Park. Your attendees will enjoy a New York no one ever saw, and will probably never see, as a limited-engagement backdrop for a corporate gala or cocktail party.

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