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Healthy Meetings: The Wired Workout

One of New York City's top personal trainers at an exclusive Manhattan fitness club is pioneering a "wired workout" with electronic simulation machine-based technology. It is catching fire throughout major destinations in the U.S. as the next fitness trend.

It's can be a highly experiential team-building idea, or a really unique add-on for executive retreats.

Here is how it works: as your attendees workout, the trainer turns up a series of dials to target areas of the body with pulses of electricity, which manually turns on each muscle.

We love this emerging wearable technology as a team-building idea, even if you have too many attendees for one celebrity trainer. We expect that in 2018, venues, trainers and workouts in this space will be popping up everywhere in New York, including one idea that uses a wearable vest to simulate nightclub beats on the body.

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