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Private Shopping Experience at the Hottest Pop-Ups

Some of highest-demand shopping venues in New York City are pop-ups- and we are not simply talking about the multiple "Winter Villages" that are overflowing with tourists during the holiday season.

While some pop-ups may have gotten their start around the holidays, the leases typically run up to six months. For example, Drew Barrymore's pop-up is in Soho through May 2018 and has super-high demand. Chances are she will stay, and this is where private shopping events we have run at major department stores can cross a new frontier. Pop-ups are heavy on celebrity-driven "first in fashion," and because the owners are testing out both location and flexible inventory, your destination meeting attendees will likely get a customized "right-fitted" experience.

And while we are talking about holiday pop-ups, our favorites for meeting groups here this month are Yankee Candle on Broadway, The Daily Edited's personalized leather goods, and the Jamie Foxx collaboration eye-wear store in Midtown.

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