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Recreate the 40th Anniversary of Saturday Night Fever

The biggest year-end event in New York City might not be in Times Square; instead, it could be at a Chinese restaurant in Brooklyn that is being retro-fitted to host the 40th Anniversary of Saturday Night Fever. It's exactly where the most famous scene was filmed!

While we are hearing about multiple public events and some over-the-top birthday parties to celebrate this iconic film and music revolution, your destination corporate meeting group can privately experience the dance moves, funky lights, and obviously, the dress code in 2018!

Multiple venues can recreate the 70's disco vibe to accommodate this kind of themed event, and one can even include a roller rink component to it!

Want to make it truly authentic? Include a food and beverage menu that features drinks like Harvey Wallbangers. Tequila Sunrises, and Grasshoppers with food like deviled ham and stuffed celery (with updated healthy preparation and farm-to-table ingredients!).

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