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Sheds and Vessels Become Backdrops for Events

Two key components of the exciting Hudson Yards development in Manhattan's West Side are a "Shed", opening in 2019, and one of the most unusual pieces of outdoor art, which is called "Vessel."

At first glance, Vessel looks like a stairway to nowhere. However. with it almost complete, Vessel is the centerpiece of a huge open garden that we are hoping can be a spectacular venue for warm weather corporate events. We are even more excited about "Shed." According to its developer, it will be New York’s first multi-arts center designed to "commission, produce, and present all types of performing arts, visual arts, and popular culture." We see this as a destination for artistic invention where artists globally can create new works that reflect emerging cultural trends. This will be a shelled 17,000 square-foot space that is connected to the High Line and close to the new Equinox Hotel and Ink48.

Art at corporate meetings is already a major trend, and Hudson Yards is taking it to a new level!

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