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The Imprint Spa

Tattoos have become more than common over the past few decades; they are now an experience and quite normal. A Harris poll found that 1 out of every 5 adults — 21 percent — has at least one tattoo. Whether your destination corporate attendees have one or not, or want one or not, there is no shortage of tattoo venues in New York City.

But are they an ideal fit for your group's sense of style and luxury as an after-hours option?

That potential conflict is being addressed by a new group of tattoo "spas" that especially understand that it helps if women attendees can relax throughout the process while getting a world-class artistic result. This represents a major shift away from the traditional view of tattoo venues where many of us were tempted (successfully or not) to try after a few drinks at destinations like Miami Beach.

Today's NYC tattoo experience includes venues that are adorned with plants and self-expressionist paintings of art by women.

While we are not sure where this trend is going as an organized event, you never know!

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