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Meet Around the Next Wave of Outside Sporting Events

New York hosts multiple outside events where destination corporate meeting groups can incorporate elements of these events into their experience. There is a new event series - Formula E Racing - that is making an exciting US home in New York City.

Formula E, which is the first Grand Prix sport based 100% on electric cars, debuted here in 2017 in Brooklyn. E-Cars raced through some of the city's hottest neighborhoods and along the East River that featured spectacular views of the skyline.

We just learned that the circuit is rolling out a Gen2 car that looks something like the Marvel Comics "Batmobile". If your group is meeting around this year's race, which is in July, the new cars should deliver more excitement during the event.

We also see complimentary event opportunities around the race itself throughout Brooklyn's many after-hours venues, drivers as featured guests, and obviously, the cars themselves! We have previously blogged about Ferrari driving experiences in the New York area, and we see this as the next big thing in the auto racing category!

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