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After-Hours: The Ice Cream Speakeasy

New York City has seen really cool speakeasies pop up in many neighborhoods, and we have found a new one in Manhattan's Upper East Side.

Like many others in the city, your destination corporate meeting attendees wouldn't typically recognize it when they first see it. But in this case, the "front" isn't a bookcase or coffee shop; it is ice cream!

One of top entertainment pros in the U.S. - she was the manager of the Sugar Factory in Las Vegas and a VIP Suite guru at Yankee Stadium - has developed a truly unique speakeasy concept that pairs artisanal ice cream with its "storage room" New York-themed cocktail counterparts such as "Girls Gossip", "Gracie Mansion", and "Next Stop is Hunter College." We also love the 45-record player and pairing Notorious B.I.G.

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