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CSR at Meetings: Do a Give-Back on Randall's Island

Shackman Associates New York has run multiple give-back programs that feature events where destination corporate meeting attendees do something fun and meaningful with local kids in New York City.

These events, especially in warm weather, are moving beyond the ballroom and into the fields of Randall's Island. There are all kinds of opportunities for give-back and team-building ideas on Randall's Islan,d that include sports on its 60 fields, bird-watching, horseback riding and playgrounds; meanwhile the one we really love is an urban garden concept that can be renewed every year if meeting planners want to make New York a regular destination.

We have found that some of the city's top chefs look to these gardens for farm-to-table ingredients, which makes this idea even more fulfilling if the kids your attendees partner with know they are influencing menus in a global dining capital!

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