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Harvest Events: Leverage One of the East Coast's Best Wineries with a Historic Deep-Water Port

Eastern Long Island offers so much more than summer fun in the Hamptons. This is especially true in the North Fork, which has become an East Coast capital for amazing wineries and farm-to-table food.

If you are thinking about planning a fall outdoor harvest season event with spectacular views, freshly bottled unique wine and an incredible menu, consider a destination like Greenport, NY. Here are a few advantages:

1. Easily accessible from New York City by both private charter, helicopter, or major luxury yacht. Many people don't know that this formerly quiet fishing and moonshining village during Prohibition is one of only 3 deep-water ports in New York.

2. It's part of the North Shore on Long Island Sound, which looks like it could be LaJolla, CA.

3. It is a major oyster capital. Your attendees can be treated to oysters fresh off the boat similar to what they could get with lobsters in Portland, ME.

4. Many celebrity chefs have established outposts there, with menus that are even fresher than they can deliver in Manhattan.

We particularly love one venue that delivers all of the above. But overall, you can't go wrong on the North Shore, because everything to drink, eat and experience is within 15 minutes of each other.

Here's one final tip: summer accommodations on Eastern Long Island are super-competitive, so if this idea sounds good for a summer 2019 event, now is the time to contact a DMC who can help you find the very best option.

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