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Healthy Meetings: 4 Ways to Incorporate Delicious Healthy Food Into Event Menus and Meeting Breaks

Its easy to become obsessed with the latest healthy trend for corporate event menus and meeting breaks. Fortunately we have 5 basic ways you can incorporate wellness into these menus, without overthinking the room.

1. Beets. If you want to get creative, have your caterer or event venue boil beets in orange juice versus simple water. It adds a sweetness to them.

2. Cauliflower Rice. We know a lot of people who complain that cauliflowers would be amazing if someone knew how to cook it. We recommend steaming it with pesto sauce.

3. Kimchi. We have blogged before about Kimchi team-building, and would suggest ramping up this experience to include Kimchi Pairings with fish or meat.

4. Legacy Grains. Your attendees will love to learn the ancient history of grains that include freekah, amaranth, bulgur, and wheat berries. Major chefs in NYC are all over this.

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