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Burger Menus at Events for Attendees with Diverse Dietary Requirements

Today is National Burger Day, and your destination corporate meeting attendees won't find more options than they will in New York City. A growing challenge is how to incorporate this delicious and increasingly gourmet option into events where your group doesn't have to feel like tourists waiting in line or where they have diverse tastes and dietary requirements.

You might consider selecting a hybrid option, usually found in a neighborhood. We found one venue in Soho that delivers the best flavor combination of steakhouse burgers and Shake Shack (without the endless lines) into an intimate experience that also offers fresh seasonal, farm-to-table-vegetable options for attendees who are not meat lovers. If you think about it, it's also great for meat-lovers who don't want the additional guilt of fries!

Looking for an all-out burger experience? We suggest a taproom event that incorporates a sports vibe with some of the best craft beer selections your attendees will find in the world.

At the end of the day, there is a ton of debate over who offers the best burger in NYC, so don't always get caught up in what you read or hear, and let a local DMC match expectations with the makeup of you group!

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