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Warm and Cold Winter Meeting Break and Gift Ideas

It might be the first week of Fall in New York City, but it is obviously not too early to put some finishing touches on your cold weather meetings here in the winter.

Our favorites include:

1. Creative hot chocolate bar. This is really up to your imagination, but we think this is a great meeting break idea, complimented with treats, to either replace the usual coffee and carb idea. We also love it as a way to re-welcome your attendees to their hotel or meeting venue after an outside event.

2. Branded gifts throughout the meeting. Again, there is a lot of room for creativity, but here is one suggestion that is super-simple. While most destination corporate meeting attendees expect bottled water throughout every event, we think it would be a nice touch to offer this item with some creativity like "Melted Snowman" that includes internal or external branding elements.

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