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Team-Building: Use NYC Parks for Great Walking-Running Events

For those who are not from or live in New York City, are you aware of just how many amazing parks we have? With many to choose from, why not use them for you next company team-building?

With the insight of the NYC Parks Director, here are 4 ideas you could easily incorporate:

1. Trail run. Skip Central Park for Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx that is a 3.5-mile escape to what you would think is upstate New York. Want to get more aggressive? Van Cortlandt Park also connects to 2 major trails that actually do run upstate, enhancing your corporate attendees' experiences.

2. On the Boardwalk. We are big fans of the Rockaways, This is ideal for beginners, is super-beautiful, and can be customized for walkers and runners at all levels, including those who want to experience 11 miles with their colleagues.

3. The Cat Walk. This Central Park path is used by NYC Marathoners during training. It's in the Upper West Side, so we would recommend combining it with the "In-the-Middle-of-Nowhere" trail around 100th Street. It's a local's favorite!

4. The Palisades View. This route along the Hudson River spans from Battery Park to past the George Washington Bridge. Your attendees can bike, run or walk throughout this spectacular venue.

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