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Exclusive NYC Experiences: Fight Night 102 Floors in the Air

If you think the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) finally coming to New York is big news, and even if you don't, we have found the first ever professional karate league launching this week with a major fight on the 102nd Floor of the Freedom Tower.

It will be live-streamed globally. The league was founded by an investment banker with an eye toward the inception of karate as a medal sport at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. If you are a meeting planner with super-competitive attendees or executives, this is an amazing after-hours idea that we project will frequently continue in New York as the league grows. And with the rules limiting all-out bloodshed, don't assume this is a male-only event.

And fight night doesn't exactly have to be a one-time event. MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) gyms are popping up everywhere in New York, and regular people, including corporate executives, are joining them. As a team-building idea, your attendees can learn some of the most basic techniques.

Overall, we are finding both after-hours and team-building ideas that focus on unique sporting experiences are becoming attendee favorites.

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