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Meeting Hotels: Many Options in NYC When There are "Too Many" People

If you are running a major corporate meeting or convention with 1,000 attendees or more, it is not always possible to accommodate the masses at one hotel. In a destination like New York, planners can really turn this into an opportunity by using multiple hotels to accommodate the group's diverse requirements and preferences, while also providing fun themes to enhance attendee engagement.

With the expansion of boutique hotels, especially in New York City, planners can be super-creative to fit attendees' senses of personal style, design, food and beverage tastes, and even team-building activities that incorporate an element of wellness into them.

This is where hotel themes can make things more exciting. Some of the hottest themes we are seeing include hip/chic, industrial, futuristic, cool retro, luxury liner/maritime, a touch of kitsch, historic Gothic, and vintage glamour. Many of these hotels are also located in New York's trendiest neighborhoods, providing a true local feel to the entire meeting.

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