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How Hospitality Partnerships Enhance the Destination Experience

New York City's notable hotels have always been at the forefront of capitalizing on amenity partnerships to enhance the guest experience. From F&B presented by celebrity chefs to the rapidly growing market for luxury personal care products in guestrooms, both legacy and boutique properties are known to "go the extra mile" for their guests.

As a Destination Management Company (DMC), Shackman Associates goes even further in their hospitality partnerships to incorporate amenities such as welcome gift bags for their guests. (As a memorable enhancement for corporate clients, these amenities can be branded with the company logo!)

This concept has expanded to other corporate program components as well. For example, some NYC hotels are offering unique alternatives to standard meeting breaks. Instead of the age-old coffee break, guests might enjoy an "afternoon tea" experience, savor treats from one of Manhattan's world-renowned bakeries, or even partake in tastings from a local brewery.

The possibilities that grow out of hospitality partnerships are endless, bringing a refreshing break to the predictability of corporate meetings and allowing organizers and attendees to incorporate some of the local culture into their business agenda.

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