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Art Redefined: Private Gallery Shopping Events

Shackman Associates New York has frequently organized private shopping events in Manhattan at some of the world's most iconic stores. This concept has evolved from pre-opening events at renowned venues such as Sacks to glamorous rooftops.

Now it is taking on another category: art.

Art is already a huge concept at destination meeting hotels in New York City, but anyone who has ever attended an auction in the city knows that individual works of art can be worth more than the entire meeting itself!

This is why we love that some of the trendiest event galleries are taking the opportunity to provide corporate meeting attendees -- especially high performers and company executives -- with private access to their spaces. Brooklyn art venues are also drawing on this concept to appeal to meeting attendees with almost any budget. An private shopping event or evening at an art gallery is a memorable experience and unique opportunity for guests to connect with some of NYC's and the world's leading artists before their work ends up at Christine's or Sotheby's!

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