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Luxury "Heli-Taxi" Transforms Arrival Transfer Experience for VIPs

Any corporate destination meeting attendee knows that the last thing they look forward to after a long flight is a drawn-out transfer from the airport to their hotel. In fact, research has shown that some meeting planners have opted to hold events at venues closer to airports to minimize the dreaded commute.

Always at the forefront of the industry, New York City's most innovative entrepreneurs have found an enticing new solution to transform this aspect of destination meetings.

One of the region's leading luxury aviation providers is beginning to introduce a continuous "Heli-Taxi" service which will transport guests from the Delta Terminal at JFK to a location in Manhattan. The best part of this service? Zero traffic!

We at Shackman love this unconventional arrival transfer option, especially as a WOW-factor welcome to the Big Apple for VIPs. Keep an eye out for more exciting entries into this space as transportation providers continue to find ways to create more flexibility for meeting agendas and guests.

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